DNA Turf Nails 6" Stakes Galvanized for Artificial Turf Fake Grass Synthetic Lawn 250pcs Product Name: TF-NA-100 Shipped priority mail from USA warehouse... super easy to install Keeps turf in place for a much cleaner & professional look! Nails/Stakes are made from galvanized steel for longer life expectancy and outstanding resistance...
DNA 5M (16FT) / 10M (33FT) Artificial Synthetic Turf Grass Lawn Joining Self Adhesive Tape Designed for bonding and gluing down synthetic grass Self-adhesive tape Non-woven fabric Suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces Good durability and excellent adhesion Convenient roll size Easy to use Can be cut into any desired size...
DNA 5M (16FT) Double-Sided Seam Tape Self-Adhesive Artificial Synthetic Turf Grass Joining Product Name: TFT-DB-5 Thickness: 600um (±5um)  Glue amount: 240g (±10g) Initial stick: <1cm Peel strength: >4KG/INC Sticky: >1H Size: 2in x 16.5in Material: Non-woven Fabrics + Adhesive Tape + PVC film.
DNA 6 Inch U-Shape Stainless Steel Landscape Garden Staples Turf Staples 250 pcs Product Name: TF-STA-200 Complete 6-inch 11 Gauge Professional Length U-Type Garden turf staples Durable stake with sharp ends & easy to use Numerous uses